What is LARP United?

happyWhat is LARP United? Well, at its core, LARP United is based on the idea that LARPs and LARPers should be a collective community where everyone welcomes each other and comes together in friendship and alliance. The idea is to grow the LARPing subculture in its entirety and to cross-promote the various different LARPs that partake in this unity in order to maximize exposure and bring the various wonderful worlds that each individual LARP creates to as many people of this amazing subculture as possible.

With this mindset in place, LARP United is a quite literally a unique community comprised of people who own or primarily run their own LARPs and share this unique vision of LARPing as a community. Each of these people represent their own specific LARP as an organization within the LARP United community and the LARP United Community works together to build LARP United itself and to help each respective LARP grow and become better as well.

carry VCOne way that LARP United helps each respective LARP grow is by encouraging specific LARPS within LARP United to provide incentives for people who attend other games to come to their own game, but to also provide incentives for their own players to attend other LARPs within the LARP United community. The specific incentives provided by each LARP would be entirely determined by the respective LARPs themselves through communication and agreement with each other. This sort of alliance helps build the communities between multiple games and supports growth for everyone. Another way that LARP United helps each other is by providing advice, exchanging tips and ideas, and just being a great place for LARP leaders to get support from each other!

If this kind of a community is a place that you would like your LARP to be a part of and this outlook on LARPing in general is an ideal that you identify with, then we urge you to reach out to us so that our community can grow and so that all of us can grow with it! Happy LARPing!