Laughing Lilies

Lilith is a crafter of many different items.  She makes all kinds of crafts that are useful for LARPing, Renn Fairs, or any other use that you can think of for awesome costume pieces or props.  She has a large number of crafts in which she is proficient, so if you have any questions about whether she can make something that you are looking for, drop her a line!


Costs vary from item to item.

Popular Items include:

  • Cloaks for LARP which range from $80 – $100, or around $30 if fabric is provided.
  • Custom plush dolls can range from $7 (the giraffe) to $70 (the Vivillion Pokemon Plush).
  • Bags and pouches for games or Renaissance Fair Costumes.
  • Holy symbols or tokens for gaming or other uses.

LARP Items

If a commission has the base intention to be used in a LARP that is part of LARP United, please mention such in the original commission request. Prices for LARPs are decreased to promote a better atmosphere.

Crafting Tips

Feel free to message me for crafting tips as well if you’d like any assistance with your own piece. My goal is to promote a immersed LARP environment, so any way I can assist you and your projects – do not hesitate to ask

Contact for Commissions

Even if the item type you would like does not appear in the images you see here, feel free to send a request. I would consider myself a crafter of many different crafts, and in the event I am not able to fulfill a commission, I have family and social connections with those who can at their own price.

Contact E-mail:


Thank You! I can’t wait to hear for you!


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