We at LARP United are delighted to announce that we are going to start having a list of LARP vendors who make custom jewelry, costuming, props, masks, weapons and more!

If you want your goods advertised on LARP United, just drop us a line and we would be happy to add you onto the site.  Even if you only do commission work or one/two jobs a month/year, we would be happy to have your pictures up here, or links to your websites so that you can reach the entirety of LARP United, and expand your customer base.

Feel free to head over to the Vendor Application if you wish to be added as a LARP United Vendor.  All we ask is that you add a link to LARP United, somewhere prominently displayed on your website.


2 thoughts on “Vendors”

    1. That looks grreat! I would love to have your site on LARP United. Please write me an e-mail at and include the following things:

      Owner’s name
      Items that you create
      Price range
      How many commissions you take a month
      Brief description of your crafts
      at least 10 images of things you want us to desplay.

      Then, if you could, put a link to LARP United on your website, and we will add you after that!

      Thank you for your consideration! I hope to have you aboard soon!

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