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Northcoast Armor & Jewelry

Owner’s name: Sandra Dadles1781281_706484389391104_1782277313_o

Crafts Available:

Chain and scale-mail armor and jewelry, everything from full hauberks to custom fit scale/chain corset and bikini tops.  I also do chain/scale belly dance and Cosplay costumes. Hand made chains in a variety of colors,  materials and weaves and even flowers.  I do lots of custom work including wedding jewelry and sets for the bride, the bridesmaids and even scale flower boutineers for the groomsmen.

Price range: $15-1500 (for full scale armored shirts)


Location: Northeast United States
Commissions in a Month: I usually do anywhere from 5-10 custom orders and I am always adding to my traveling stock which travels with me and my forge to nearby NERO chapters. Larger projects will take a bit longer but most orders, even large shirts, are usually completed in 3-4 weeks if I can get the supplies.  I do not wind and cut my own rings (prefer to spend my time weaving and creating) so sometimes I am at the mercy of supply and shipping delays.

Everything I make is hand crafted by me and can be made to size and in a variety of colors. I work mostly in Bright aluminum and Anodized aluminum for light weight with lots of color options to create armor and costuming that will be one of a kind and unique. I do also work in other materials like Mild steel,  stainless, bronze, Sterling, and 24k gold plate by request.

More images available here: