Vendor Application

The following is an application for vendors to become affiliated with LARP United.  We will have an entry in LARP United’s Vendor section for you and if you want to post tutorials or special sales, just let us know and we will do so!

LARP United is about forming a community for LARPers and LARPs to be open and friendly with one another.  I am excited about the addition of vendors to the site, because it makes a hub for players to find the kind of vendors that they want!  No matter how big or small the vendor, no matter how many or few commissions you can take in a month, you are welcome at LARP United.

All we ask in return is that you put a link to LARP United somewhere on the front page of your site, and make an announcement that you are now part of this LARPing community.

Once we get your submission, we will contact you and ask for 10 pictures that showcase your crafts.  You should be added to the site in under a week!

Thank you for taking part in LARP United.  As a community of people who share an amazing hobby, we want to see everyone growing and working together to make our games look as awesome as we can, and as a vendor, you are going to be a great help in that!


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