Guidelines for Games in LARP United

This will hold guidelines for behavior of games in LARP United.  Honestly, the guidelines are very loose.  We do not want anyone to change how their game runs, where or when they happen… Anything.  We don’t want games to change to be in LARP United.

All we ask are the following things:

  • Add a link to LARP United on the front of your webpage.
  • Offer a benefit for players who have been to any other LARP United game since your last event.
  • Be friendly, open and accepting of other games and players from other games, as well as players of your own going to visit other games.

Because of this third request, we will have guidelines of behavior that can get you removed from LARP United.  We want to encourage a community of support and friendship.  Behavior that would hurt other games is unacceptable, and bullying/discouraging your players or other players from attending different games is considered bad form.  We want to be open and sharing, and having experience in different games can only make your game grow and evolve.

The games currently in LARP United are discussing guidelines for the removal or refusal of games from LARP United, and while the guidelines will be very loose (again, your game is your game, and no one wants to change ANY of that), being destructive or hateful is not welcome in this community.


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