Benefits For United LARPs

Each game in LARP United has it’s own benefits that it offers to people coming from other games.  These are for each individual game to decide upon, and are entirely voluntary.  Some of the benefits listed on LARP United may be out of date, so be sure to visit each game’s home page for specific information about that game.

If you are a new game to LARP United and want to become a part of this community, some of the benefits that are easy to give without bankrupting your game include:

  • Discountsjoin us
  • Extra Experience (build, character points, etc.)
  • Group Benefits
  • Waived Clean-up Requirements
  • Unlockable Races/Classes
  • Waived NPC Shifts

We are all trying to run fun games that don’t cause us to sell our houses.  If you have any suggestions for incentives that we can offer, please let us know!  Together we achieve more, and I know that I am never done learning new tricks about how to make games fun and exciting!

What if my game cannot afford a discount?

That’s fine!  There are plenty of other incentives that you can offer to players who go visit other games, or come to visit yours.

  • Little, one use items
  • Clean-Up Waiver
  • Mandatory NPC Shift Waiver
  • Some extra gold at each event
  • One or two extra points of some sort
  • Unlockable races
  • Minor nobility

Anything that could encourage other players to come try your game, or encourage your players to go visit other games will work!  It doesn’t have to be much.


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