Authors and Editors

We have a number of authors and editors here at LARP United, who contribute to the site, to CLARIFY! and to the community.

Jess The Redred

Jess “The Red” founded LARP United with the owners of a number
of South Jersey games.  She writes articles for CLARIFY!, and oversees the care and maintenance of the website.



Baylee “Moonspazz” is a LARPer from New Jersey, who helps run and manage a LARP called Exile, writes for CLARIFY! and enjoys miniatures and sewing as a hobby.   She creates her own costumes and props, and truly enjoys making LARPing come to life for everyone around her!

Baylee is also the Owner of The Needle and Thread, a commission based seamstress company.  Her commissions fill up quickly, so make sure your orders are well ahead of when you need them!

Joe Fro12080879_10206710236248369_2107711529_n

Joseph “JoeFro” Makemson has been LARPING for 7+ years. He
regularly helps with the writing and running of various games, and has a serious case of Character ADD*.

*Character ADD: When you can not settle on just one character, and flip back and forth between many.


Mark is a LARPer from New Jersey who is also an avid running enthusiast.  He has been LARPing since 2010, and has gotten a lot of other people into the hobby. He helps manage and run a LARP, as well as occasionally writing for CLARIFY!, and keeping up with his running.

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