Become a Part of LARP United

Joining LARP United is very easy.  All you have to do is fill out the application, add a link prominently on your website to the LARP United page, and decide on a benefit that you will offer to players who attend other games between your events.

Only three things are required to be a participating game in LARP United:

Provide a benefit for players who attend other LU games between your events.

Create a link to LARP United, prominently displayed on your site.

Keep a health atmosphere for visiting players to your game, and for your players visiting others!

So, really only two action items: pick a benefit, and make a link.  You do have some other abilities once your game is part of LARP United!  Once your game has been added to the community, you are able to:

Game owners may join a special group on Facebook to discuss games, events, and other things if you wish.

Game owners may write articles for both CLARIFY! Blog, and to announce their events on LARP United.

Your game’s schedule can be added to LARP United so that others in your area can check it out.

Game owners can write articles after their events, showing off pictures and stories!

Posting on LARP United

Being a part of LARP United means that you become an author on this website, and can post updates about your events. Each game gets to post two times about their games events, once before and once after.  Any events, including conventions, count for this!  It is good advertising and a great way to let other LARP United players know who is playing which weekend.

Writing for CLARIFY!

You also become an author for the Clarify!  Blog, which is a blog written by LARPers for other LARPers about the various things that we have learned and see over the years.  We ask that, should you write for Clarify! you space your posts out so that, at most, they post themselves once every three days.

Other Words of Note

You also become part of a community that shares players, ideas, and sometimes even props!  If there is another game in the area that might have something you need, you can see if they want to swap items, or loan something, or whatever!

However, aside from the Link on your site, and the benefit for players, none of the above is mandatory.  You are not expected to post, you do not have to trade, or anything else of the sort.  LARP United is meant to be a low stress, low maintenance community, and you only have to interact as much as you feel comfortable!

Application to LARP United