Exile: November 2016

November 11- 13, Craig Farm, Williamstown, NJ

Exile is a high-fantasy, medieval LARP, with boffer combat, and packet archery.  It is played on its own property, a farm in Williamstown, NJ.

Location: Craig Farm, Williamstown NJ.

The farm is private property and the owners have concerns with the address being posted publicly.

Write JezzicaTS@gmail.com for more details!

Cost: 20$ to PC, 20$ to NPC.  All food included.  (Friday light meal, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Feast)

First Event is Free!

Website: Exile LARP

Facebook: Exile Facebook Group (Very helpful people!)

Weather Reminders

Please remember that our buildings are camping cabins with wood-stove heaters. It is chilly, now, so be aware of the weather.  I recommend:

  • Extra clothes, and extra layers
  • Heavier Costuming
  • Extra blankets, it gets cold at night
  • Extra socks
  • Boots
  • Hot hand packs, maybe
  • GLOVES (multiple pairs!)

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