Exile: October 2016

October 30th -Nov 2, Craig Farm, Williamstown, NJ

Rocktober 2016 is coming up!  Tensions are rising, and the kingdoms of the Other Side are moving in, searching the Crater, and looking for trouble.  Be prepared for undead, golems, and the Rise of Souls, bringing power to the crater, and all those in it.

Exile is a high-fantasy, medieval LARP, with boffer combat, and packet archery.  It is played on its own property, a farm in Williamstown, NJ.

Location: Craig Farm, Williamstown NJ.

The farm is private property and the owners have concerns with the address being posted publicly.

Write JezzicaTS@gmail.com for more details!

Cost: 20$ to PC, 20$ to NPC.  All food included.  (Friday light meal, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Feast)

First Event is Free!

Website: Exile LARP

Facebook: Exile Facebook Group (Very helpful people!)

Weather Reminders

Please remember that our buildings are camping cabins with wood-stove heaters. It is starting to get chilly, so be aware of the weather.  I recommend:

  • Extra clothes, and extra layers
  • Heavier Costuming
  • Extra blankets, it gets cold at night
  • Extra socks
  • Boots
  • Backpacks with all of your beloved items and gear, cause it is about get crazy, and you will want that when you are hiding under a tree, worried about undead.

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