What is LARP United?

LARP United is an organization of LARPs all across the US (and hopefully someday, the world) that believe all of LARPing is one community. Our games agree to encourage their players to visit other games, share ideas and energy, and help the community at large grow and prosper.

Games in LARP United offer incentives for visiting other games, and for players from other games to visit yours. Each game offers some bonus to a player who has, since your game’s previous event, gone to ANY other LARP United game. These bonuses can be whatever the game prefers!

We know that the community grows, changes and learns, and the only way for any game to benefit from this is if we share knowledge, players, and fun! Any LARP can join LARP United, and it is as easy as filling out one form!

How can my LARP Join?


It is as easy as filling out a simple form, and then your game chooses what kind of benefit to give to players who attend another LARP United game between events.  LARP United does not ask for more of its members than a simple benefit, a link on your website, and that you provide an environment where players from all games are made welcome.  If you want to be more involved in the community, you are obviously welcome to do so, and your level of involvement is entirely up to you.

For more information, check out our guidelines and benefits to becoming part of LARP United!


CLARIFY! is a blog about LARPing: running events, managing NPCs, being a Player, costuming, NPCing, and many other concepts.

All of our game owners are welcome to write for CLARIFY! and if you have a few ideas you would like to get out there, you are welcome to do so as well! Please check our CLARIFY! section for an application for articles and ideas.

Event Dates

We try to announce the dates of upcoming events at least 10 days before the events happen.  To be sure that your game’s dates are announced in their own posts, please be sure to have your game submit the dates to the webmaster, with appropriate paragraphs about the events in question.  All events can be submitted at the beginning of the year.

Welcome to LARP United!

Welcome to our community!  We hope you enjoy your stay, and please let us know if we can add or change anything to make LARP United better!


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